I love hard-edges - and my work with cloth and thread reflects this. I find the creative process to be a combination of ideas, intuition, experiment, discovery and chance, where form and balance emerge in surprising ways from combinations of line and color.


I don’t wait for inspiration.


My art takes form by allowing structure and movement to emerge through ongoing experimentation and a variation on different themes, incorporating chance exercises to inform the work. This creative process is a daily source of satisfaction, enjoyment, and surprise. Creativity involves work and discovery, and I have found that the art influences the artist to at least the degree that the artist influences the piece.


Pat Budge is a full-time quiltmaker, creating art for the wall. Her work has been accepted into six Quilt National exhibitions (2021, 2019, 2017, 2011, 2009, 2007). She lives in the rural west-central mountains of Idaho, and  was involved in quilting of various expressions for over a decade before discovering the contemporary quilted art community, adopting this medium as a full-time vocation. She is a juried artist member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, a founder of the Garden Valley Center for the Arts, and a member of Garden Valley Art. Pat was a curatorial assistant at the Garden Valley Center for the Arts and has studied composition with artist Nancy Crow. 

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